Brevard Zoo

Located in Malborne, and just a few miles from Merritt Island and Florida’s Space Coast, Brevard Zoo is a treasure trove of biodiversity and a beacon of conservation efforts. Its expansive space and carefully curated habitats reflect a global collection of wildlife. Opened to the public in March 1994, the zoo has since become an important cultural and educational hub for Brevard County and beyond.

Brevard Zoo, covering 75 acres, is home to more than 900 animals representing 195 species from all over the world. But what makes this zoo particularly captivating is its emphasis on animal welfare and environmental conservation. The zoo’s ethos is underpinned by the belief in ‘loving nature and wildlife’, and this clearly reflects in their actions.

Interactive Exhibits

One of the key elements that set Brevard Zoo apart from others is its commitment to providing engaging and interactive exhibits. The zoo’s layout is designed around geographic regions, with sections dedicated to Africa, Australia, Florida, and the rainforests of South America.

The ‘Paws On Play’ area is a family favorite, offering a touch pool and a playground for children. Other popular interactive exhibits include ‘Lorikeet Landing’ where visitors can hand-feed beautiful Australian parrots, and ‘Giraffe Feeding’, offering a chance to get up close with these towering herbivores. The zoo’s ‘Treetop Trek’ is an aerial adventure offering zip lines and treetop trails, giving an adrenaline rush to the more adventurous visitors.

Conservation Efforts

Brevard Zoo prides itself on its robust conservation program, implementing and supporting a wide array of initiatives both domestically and internationally. They contribute to wildlife research, habitat protection, community conservation, and education programs across multiple continents.

One of the zoo’s pioneering initiatives is the Sea Turtle Healing Center. This facility provides care and rehabilitation for injured and ill sea turtles, many of which are victims of boat strikes, entanglement, or ingesting plastics. The program has been critical in aiding the survival of these ancient creatures.

Educational Programs

Education is a cornerstone of Brevard Zoo’s mission. They offer a range of programs designed to educate and inspire visitors about the natural world. These include camps, workshops, and field trips for school groups, as well as Zoo School – a unique pre-school program that blends traditional classroom instruction with hands-on animal interactions and nature play.

Community Engagement

Brevard Zoo extends its impact beyond its gates by actively engaging with the local community. The zoo organizes regular events including Earth Day Celebrations, ‘Brews Around the Zoo’, and other seasonal events. These gatherings not only provide entertainment but also create awareness about various environmental and conservation issues.

Brevard Zoo’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, and they have received multiple awards and accolades for their conservation work, education programs, and overall visitor experience.

The zoo stands as an exemplary model of integrating conservation, education, and entertainment. By continually challenging and evolving its practices, Brevard Zoo ensures that it not only provides a unique experience for its visitors but also makes a significant contribution to protecting and understanding our planet’s wildlife. As we look to the future, Brevard Zoo’s commitment to its core values will undoubtedly continue to inspire and educate future generations about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Brevard Zoo

8225 N Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32940
(321) 254-9453


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Last Admission 3:30 PM

9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Last Admission 3:30 PM